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What to Expect After Nonsurgical Body Sculpting

What to Expect After Nonsurgical Body Sculpting

Many women and men have bulges of resistant fat — which may be genetically determined — that don’t respond to diet or exercise. No matter how few calories you eat or how often you hit the gym, those bulges stay put.

When you’re ready to get rid of resistant fat, you can turn to surgical liposuction or choose nonsurgical body sculpting. FDA-approved SculpSure® uses heat from a hyperthermic laser to melt and disrupt fat cells so they can’t do their job anymore. 

The treatment destroys fat cells, so they won’t return. Your new figure is yours to keep. Forever.

At Enrich Family Practice in Odessa, Texas, our expert nurse practitioners use SculpSure to help you sculpt your body to its ideal shape by ridding you of those fatty, resistant bulges. Following is a brief description of what to expect after your body-sculpting treatment with SculpSure.

You won’t experience downtime

One of the greatest advantages of SculpSure is it's well-tolerated and virtually pain-free. During your treatment, you relax as our practitioners attach the Sculpsure applicators. The treatment itself only takes about 25 minutes per area. 

You can treat multiple areas at once. After your therapy, you may be slightly warm or pink in the treatment areas. However, you can return to your normal activities on the same day.

If you have discomfort or swelling, use ice and pain relievers to manage them. Exercising and keeping yourself hydrated helps your body flush out and excrete the destroyed cells. 

Massage optimizes results

Massaging the treatment areas for 10 minutes twice daily also accelerates healing and prevents lumps. Use a gentle touch because you may still be sore or tender from your SculpSure therapy.

Or, you may opt for Zimmer Zwave treatments at Enrich Family Practice. Zwave is a shockwave therapy that breaks up fat clusters to prevent lumps. We recommend weekly sessions as your body reshapes itself.

Stay out of the sun

The sun is never your bare skin’s friend, and you may be extra sensitive to the sun’s rays after your treatment. 

Before your treatment, avoid the sun for at least a week. After treatment, don’t expose your treated skin for at least another week. Always wear full-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more any time you’re in the sun, whether you’ve just had SculpSure or not. 

Your results take time

Even though it takes about 12 weeks for your body to eliminate the fat and your results to optimize, you may notice a reduction in the circumference of treated areas in just six weeks. Be patient. You may not notice a difference in your weight, but you’ll see a difference in your measuring tape over time.

You may need a series of treatments

SculpSure eliminates about 24% of fat during each treatment. Most women and men elect to undergo a series of treatments to remove a significant amount of excess fat.

We recommend at least a month before treatments to give your body time to recover. Also, it takes weeks before your body’s lymphatic system removes the destroyed fat cells. By leaving time between treatments, you also allow yourself to see the results before deciding on another SculpSure session.

Your proportions stay the same

Maintaining a healthy weight is important to keep your new SculpSure figure. However, if you gain weight, your proportions stay the same after your treatment. 

Ideally, you shouldn’t gain weight if you want to keep your optimal results. If you need help maintaining a stable weight, we can help with diet and exercise recommendations and medical weight loss

Are you ready for the figure of your dreams through SculpSure body sculpting? Contact us by phone at 432-200-9052 today. You can also use our online form.

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