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5 Reasons to Consider IV Hydration

Whether you want to recover from a stressful event or illness, or you just want to feel better, an intravenous (IV) hydration treatment gets you there fast. Would you benefit from this simple treatment? Here are five reasons why you might.
Sep 1st, 2023

The Link Between Sleep Apnea and Being Overweight

Sleep apnea and excess weight frequently go hand in hand, but it’s not an easy alliance. Being overweight increases your chances of getting sleep apnea, but having sleep apnea makes it harder to lose the weight you need to shed to sleep well.
Aug 1st, 2023

5 Signs Your Child May Be Struggling with ADHD

When your kid is energetic and can’t focus, you may wonder if they have attention deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But aren’t all kids a bit “hyper”? How can you tell if your kid has ADHD? Find out here.
Jul 14th, 2023

How to Choose the Right Filler for Your Goals

Whether you want a new look that’s natural or dramatic, there’s a filler for that. Dermal fillers, such as Belotero Balance® and Radiesse®, can do everything from fill in wrinkles to pout your lips to rejuvenate your hands. But which one does what?
Jun 2nd, 2023

Can Lasers Reduce My Wrinkles?

Whether your frown lines make you frown or your lip wrinkles lines make you pout, you no longer have to live with wrinkles, lines, and creases. Skin resurfacing with the Icon™ laser by CynoSure® rejuvenates your skin from the inside out.
May 15th, 2023

What to Expect After Nonsurgical Body Sculpting

When diet and exercise can’t get you to your aesthetic goals, nonsurgical body sculpting helps you trim off those last inches of fat. But how will you feel after your procedure, and how long before you see your results? The answers are here.
Apr 12th, 2023

5 Signs You're Not Getting Enough Fluids

You may become dehydrated if you don’t replenish the fluids your body loses through urination and sweating. Thirst indicates you’re not getting enough fluids, but it’s not the only sign of dehydration. Know the signs that you need more fluids.
Mar 14th, 2023

How Does Age Affect Fertility After 35?

You feel healthy, strong, and ready to start a family. But you’re not getting pregnant as easily as you thought you would. You’re over age 35. Is that the only reason? And if so, why?
Feb 14th, 2023

Little Known Signs of Low Testosterone Levels

If you haven’t felt like yourself lately, you may not be yourself, hormonally speaking. When your testosterone (T) drops, the way you look, feel, and act may change so dramatically that you can’t recognize yourself. Here’s what low T looks like.
Jan 17th, 2023

5 Popular Reasons to Consider Microneedling

You want an aesthetic treatment that’s fast, effective, and affordable, but you’d rather not deal with high-tech lasers or RF energy, and you definitely don’t want surgery. Improve your skin by enhancing your body’s healing powers with microneedling.
Dec 8th, 2022

How to Make Sure Your Filler Results Look Natural

You’d like to replace lost facial volume and erase wrinkles, but you’re not interested in surgery. Instead, you want a “liquid facelift” with dermal fillers to smooth and plump your skin. Here’s how to get the most natural look possible.
Oct 11th, 2022

When Is Pelvic Pain a Sign of Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in men in the United States, surpassed only by lung cancer. What are the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer? If you have pain in your pelvis, should you worry?
Aug 1st, 2022

5 Tips for Slowing the Physical Signs of Aging

If you’re lucky, you get to live a long life, but that doesn’t mean you have to like the physical changes that aging brings, such as baggy skin, wrinkles, and rolls of fat. If you want to slow or reverse the signs of aging, you can do it. Here’s how.
Jun 1st, 2022

How Excess Weight Affects Your Sleep

Carrying extra weight makes it harder to do daily activities, from exercising to climbing the stairs. But did you know that excess weight can make it harder to get a good night’s sleep, too? Find out how and why excess lbs. affect your zzzzs.
May 1st, 2022

Understanding the Link Between Depression and Weight Changes

If you’ve lost or gained a noticeable amount of weight lately, it could be a sign that you’re clinically depressed. Depression alters your body’s chemistry, which affects how you behave and feel, and, in turn, how much you weigh.
Apr 1st, 2022

5 Common Signs of Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most common and deadly cancers around, but fortunately, it tends to grow slowly. That’s why regular colonoscopies are so important, and why you should be alert to these five signs of CRC.
Mar 1st, 2022

Why Are Breast Exams Important?

Even though you may think you’re at low risk for breast cancer, the average woman has a 12-13% risk of developing it at some point. Depending on your genetics and personal history, your risk could be higher. Breast exams help catch problems early.
Feb 1st, 2022

5 Causes of Infertility

When you don’t get pregnant, month after month, you feel frustrated, confused, and disappointed. Why is this happening to you? Infertility is not uncommon, but each case is unique. One or more factors may be involved in your infertility.
Jan 1st, 2022

Men's Health Issues No One Likes to Talk About

Men are notorious for avoiding doctors and ignoring symptoms that could be the start of a serious health condition. However, talking about men’s health issues and getting them taken care of as soon as possible could be a matter of life and death.
Dec 7th, 2021

How Weight Gain Impacts Women Differently

You may be jealous of your male friends and family because they enjoy hearty meals without gaining an ounce, while it feels like you add five pounds if you even look at food. Women and men gain and lose weight differently. Learn to make that work for you.
Nov 1st, 2021

Does Sleep Impact Weight Gain?

You’re so tired of all the effort you’ve put into losing weight: endless diets, countless crunches, and hours of cardio. And still, you’re not at a healthy weight. You wish you could just sleep your excess pounds away. What if you can?
Oct 6th, 2021

Who's at Risk for Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers to strike men in the United States. Caught early, prostate cancer is curable. Know your risk and get screened so you can make a profound difference in your health and lifespan.
Sep 6th, 2021

How Does Photorejuvenation Work?

You’ve heard about photorejuvenation with the Cynosure® Icon™ laser, and you’re excited and eager to renew and restore your aging skin. But you have a couple of questions: How, exactly, does photorejuvenation work, and why does it work so well?
Aug 6th, 2021

It Hurts When I Ejaculate

Sex was always pleasurable and satisfying. But now you dread it. Instead of pleasure and release, you feel pain when you ejaculate. Why is that happening? And what can you do about it? Read on to find out.
Jul 26th, 2021

Eliminate Up to 24% of Your Fat Cells Once and For All

If you have extra bulges of fat that hang around no matter how much weight you lose, then you were probably born with too many fat cells in certain areas. Diet and exercise can’t kill off those fat cells. But SculpSure® can.
Jun 6th, 2021

Understanding Where I Fit in the Body Mass Index

You’ve worked hard on self-love and body acceptance. But then you read that if your BMI is too high, you’re at risk for all kinds of chronic and terminal diseases. You check your BMI and it isn’t good. What are you supposed to do?
May 5th, 2021

Spring Is the Season of Renewal, and We Can Start With Your Skin

Bare branches have fresh green buds, and tender shoots and flowers are pushing their way through the soil. All around you, nature’s renewing itself. You can join in, too: Renew the glow, health, and youth of your skin with Icon® laser treatments.
Apr 28th, 2021

Prepping Your Daughter for Her First Gynecology Visit

Your little girl is becoming a young woman. Part of that journey includes her very first appointment for a gynecological exam. Annual gynecological exams will become part of her lifetime self-care routine. Here’s how to prepare her.
Mar 15th, 2021

5 Reasons Why Your Periods May Be Irregular

You’ve Googled it and confirmed it: Your periods aren’t falling within the normal 21-35 day cycle or lasting from 2-7 days. Why not? If your periods are irregular, any of several conditions might be the reason.
Feb 7th, 2021

Sculpt Your Way to a Better Body Before Summer

You’re looking forward to 2021, especially to the warm, summer months when you can show off a toned, sleek body in public. Except you don’t quite yet have the toned, sleek body you want. No worries. WarmSculpting with SculpSure® can get you there.
Jan 1st, 2021

Understanding Family Planning

You’d like to have a family some day, or you want one as soon as possible. Either way, you don’t have to rely on chance. Family planning helps you take control of when you have a baby, so you can build the family of your dreams on your own schedule.
Dec 1st, 2020

What to Expect at My Well Woman Exam

Even if you get an annual general physical exam, if you’re a woman or girl who’s started to menstruate, you also need a well-woman exam. A well-woman exam is an extra annual exam that shouldn’t cost extra: Most insurance plans cover them.
Nov 2nd, 2020

7 Reasons You May Be Having Difficulty Getting Pregnant

You’ve been trying to get pregnant for almost a year. Each month, you’re disappointed when your period comes. You wonder why you’re having trouble conceiving. Here are 7 common reasons that could explain your difficulty.
Oct 2nd, 2020

Help! I Need to Lose Weight

You can’t dismiss the pressure to lose weight as “body shaming” anymore. You realize that your extra weight is taking extra years off your life. You want to shed the pounds and reclaim those years. Where do you start?
Sep 2nd, 2020

Undo Summer Damage With Our Icon® Laser Treatment

You’re all about the sunscreen. You just wish you’d been all about the sunscreen 10-20 years ago. The cavalier attitude you had toward the sun in your youth has left you looking as weathered as a Texan cowboy. Can you just erase your past mistakes?
Aug 4th, 2020

The Most Common Causes of Infertility

You’ve been trying for months to get pregnant but haven’t had any luck. You wonder if you might be infertile. Then you wonder how that could happen. Is there anything you can do to improve your chances of conception?
Jul 8th, 2020

Why Newborn Care Is So Important

Back in the 1930s and 1940s, women routinely stayed in the hospital for up to two weeks after giving birth. Now, you’re home after one or two days. You’re sore and tired and your baby’s crying. What do you do?
May 13th, 2020

Need Some Help With Your Weight-Loss Resolution?

Back on January 1, shedding those extra pounds in time for pool-party weather seemed oh-so-doable. But you haven’t lived up to your New Year’s resolution to finesse your figure. Don’t worry — it’s not too late. You just need a little help.
Apr 9th, 2020

The Best Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

Lately, you’ve had trouble “performing,” and it’s making you dread intimacy. Even though your partner is understanding, you feel embarrassed and frustrated. But you don’t have to suffer with erectile dysfunction (ED) anymore.
Mar 23rd, 2020

When Your Child's Cold Needs Medical Care

Sometimes a cold is just a cold. But in young children, sometimes a cold can turn into much more. Learn when it’s time to be concerned and contact your doctor about your sick child.
Feb 18th, 2020

Start Your New Year with a Well-Woman Exam

A well-woman exam is one of the best things you can do to protect your health. Learn more about what happens in a well-woman exam and why getting one is so important.
Jan 1st, 2020

8 Amazing Benefits of the Icon Laser

The Icon™ laser is an all-in-one aesthetics system that goes far beyond what most laser skin treatments can do. Learn how it can help you look younger.
Nov 1st, 2019

Myths and Facts About Facial Fillers

Aesthetics treatments, perhaps because they are seen as elective procedures, are often the subjects of myths and tall-tales. Here’s the truth you may not know about one of the most popular aesthetic treatments: fillers.
Sep 1st, 2019