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Icon Laser Specialist

Enrich Family Practice

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Youth is a hallmark of beauty. Don’t let signs of aging make you look older than you feel, as a simple aesthetic solution is within reach. At Enrich Family Practice in Odessa, Texas, nurse practitioner Kelly Wenger, FNP, use the Icon™ laser to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging in as little as 30 minutes. Call to learn more about the anti-aging benefits of Icon technology or schedule an appointment online today.

Icon Laser Q & A

What is the Icon™ laser?

The Icon laser is an innovative, noninvasive aesthetics system that delivers ablative fractional energy deep into the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production and regenerate new tissue. It helps you look and feel years younger by reducing unwelcome signs of aging.

What is the Icon laser used for?

The Icon system offers peak power, state-of-the-art cooling, and multiple beauty therapies in one machine. It’s used for:

Wrinkle reduction

The Icon laser reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by delivering fractional laser technology to the skin to stimulate collagen production naturally.


Using photorejuvenation technology, the Icon laser delivers gentle intense pulsed light to the skin to reduce facial vessels and other pigmentation. It reduces the appearance of spider veins, age spots, sun spots, rosacea, and more.

Skin resurfacing

Icon treatment improves the way your skin looks and feels by correcting blemishes and other skin flaws using laser microbeams. It corrects spots, poor skin tone, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and more using just one system.


The Icon system removes scars using fractional laser light to break down acne or surgical scars and trigger new tissue formation.

Stretch marks

Icon laser therapy reduces stretch marks due to weight gain, rapid growth, and pregnancy. The system uses pulsed energy to target stretch mark discoloration and stimulate new collagen formation.

Hair removal

After just a few treatments, the Icon system permanently reduces unwanted body or facial hair. Light-based technology targets and destroys hair cells responsible for hair growth in just minutes.

What should I expect during treatment?

Before you arrive for Icon laser treatment, your nurse practitioner reviews your medical history and examines your skin. She lets you know if you’re a good candidate for Icon aesthetics therapy, which works on all skin colors and types.

During treatment, you might feel the warmth of the laser followed by its cooling mechanism but you won’t feel pain. There’s no surgery, no cutting, and no downtime. The procedure might take 20-60 minutes depending on the areas treated. Your nurse might recommend just one treatment or a series of sessions to maximize results.

Don’t let aging skin get in the way of enjoying life to its fullest. Schedule an aesthetics consultation with Enrich Family Practice by phone or online today.